About Me

Hi I am Bedapudi Praneeth,
I currently work as a Senior NLP Engineer at DeepAffects.

Senior NLP Engineer, DeepAffects, Mumbai

2019 May — present

1. Implemented DeepAffects' Smart Punctuation API and adapted it for time-constrained (50x faster and more accurate compared to DeepPunct) ASR use cases. (Including data collection, dockerization of DL models, client libraries and Kuberentes deployments).
2. Built summarization system for conversational data. (Including data collection, building dialogue act prediction models, clustering, dockerization and kuberentes deployments)
3. Built various analytics and metrics (aspect based key-phrase extraction, call scoring, emotion prediction etc.) for DeepAffects' callspot and calleq.
4. Worked on various parts of ASR pipeline (adapting language models for low-resource domains and domain specific phrases, vad etc.).
5. Adapted DeepSegment for FinSBD 2019 shared task (First in French and Close second in English tasks.).

Deep Learning engineer, Reckonsys Tech Labs, Bengaluru

2018 August — 2019 May

1. Built data extraction modules for various highly domain specific large contracts, that can even deal with noisy text (result of OCR).
2. Built document categorization system that can automatically categorize and rename hundreds of different types of large documents and is extremely fast.
3. Built a NLP module that can extract and cross verifies extremely sensitive information from multiple legal documents and reports the anomalies.
4. Built a named entity recognition system using different machine learning and NLP techniques for highly domain specific data, which can work with very low amount of training data.
5. Designed and built a novel algorithm using manchine-learning, that can extract structured data from hundreds of different types of tables like multi-line cells, cells separated only by a single space etc.

Junior Research Associate, Abzooba, Pune

2017 July — 2018 July

1. Implemented graph db to enhance the accuracy and performance of Abzooba's propitiatory NLU engine.
2. Implemented deep learning (LSTM) based models for a significant change in the performance and F1 scores of our Entity Extraction and Text Classification engines.
3. Explored new state of art methods and implemented them in various projects to decrease the work load of AI trainers and increase accuracy significantly of our predictions with less data.
4. Created a single interface for showcasing our various NLP capabilities, where with a single click the data is trained on different models and results can be viewed. Implemented dynamic loading of trained deep learning models.
5. Worked on the NLP and NLU part of various chatbots, which offer various functionality like clothing suggestions, natural language text to MySQL converters etc.

Software Developer Internship, Innoplexus, Pune

2016 May — 2016 July

1. Setted up ElasticSearch (v2.3) production cluster along with ES Shield and Graylog.
2. Wrote high performance modules for data migration from MongoDB to ElasticSearch and Neo4j. (Increased performance of existing modules by a factor of 50-60)
3. Implemented naive spell correction and query auto completion for various fields using ElasticSearch.

Student, IIT Guwahati

2013 — 2017

Graduated from IIT Guwahati, Computer Science and Engineering department in 2017 (B.tech).
My BTP was on Verification of Contract Refinement using Othello Contract Refinement and Analysis under the guidance of Prof. Purandar Bhaduri.